Pushkin in English

I am series editor for Alma Classics’ (formerly OneWorld Classics’) Pushkin in English project.

Between 1999 and 2003 Milner & Company Limited published, in fifteen hardback volumes, the first complete edition of Pushkin’s works in English.  At the end of 2009 Milner sold the rights to this material to Oneworld Classics, now Alma Classics, whose intention it is over a period of years to republish the whole collection, revised as necessary, in paperback.

Alma Classics’ list already included my translations of Ruslán and Lyudmíla (republished 2017), Borís Godunóv and the Little tragedies (republished 2017), and Eugene Onégin (republished 2015).  The first volume of their reissues of translations from the Milner edition was The Queen of Spades and other stories, containing Pushkin’s shorter prose fiction, finished and unfininshed, translated by the late Professor Paul Debreczeny and edited by me; this was republished in June 2017.

Alma Classics’ second volume of Milner Edition material, The Captain’s Daughter and A History of Pugachóv (also republished 2017), brought together Pushkin’s only full-length historical novel with his only completed work of history:   A History of Pugachóv recounts the historical events that form the background to the novel.  Again, the translations of the substantive works are those of the late Paul Debreczeny that I have edited; translations of the verse passages in the novel and of Pushkin’s extensive notes to the History are mine.  For more information about The Queen of Spades and other stories, click here.  For more information about The Captain’s Daughter and A History of Pugachóv, click here.

In 2013 Alma Classics published a volume of Pushkin’s love poems, edited, annotated and largely translated by me.  The latest edition of this volume came out in 2016.

Alma Classics’ next volume in the Pushkin series was my translation of Belkin’s Stories and A History of the Village of Goryukhino (2014).

Since then I have been engaged in editing – and in many cases retranslating – Milner’s volumes containing Pushkin’s lyrics and shorter poetry.  The four volumes of Complete Lyrics and Shorter Poems were published by Alma Classics between 2018 and 2022 and are now available.