About Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke graduated in Classics at Cambridge University. He has also studied several modern European languages, notably French and Russian.  He has travelled widely in Europe, including Russia and Ukraine.

Roger has had published a number of translations from Latin, French and (especially) Russian.  He has a particular interest in Pushkin, and is eager to generate an awareness and enjoyment of Pushkin among English readers that matches his merits and his reputation in Russia. To this end Roger has pioneered an approach to the translation of Pushkin’s narrative and dramatic verse that emphasises both accuracy and readability, by conveying Pushkin’s meaning and spirit in blank verse or rhythmical prose. This avoids the mannered diction and distortions of meaning that arise from attempting to recreate Pushkin’s rhymes through lengthy texts.  In Pushkin’s shorter verses, where rhyme patterns as well as rhythms are often of the essence, he has again aimed at versions which, though rhymed, avoid mannerism and distortion.  Roger has also carried out original research on the literary, historical and topographical background to the works, the results of which are incorporated in his introductions, commentaries and notes.

He is series editor for Alma Classics’ Pushkin in English project, the aim of which is to publish in accessible paperbacks English translations of all Pushkin’s works.

Roger is available for speaking or writing about Pushkin and his works, and you may get in contact with him by using the panel below.