Slider Complete lyrics and shorter poems, from childhood to death

My four-volume edition of Pushkin’s Complete Lyrics and Shorter Poems is the latest achievement in Alma Classics’ Pushkin in English series.  It constitutes a unique enterprise in Pushkin studies – the side-by-side Russian and English text, with commentary, of all Pushkin’s nearly 800 shorter verse works. Volume I (ISBN 978-1-84749-731-4) contains the 137 poems Pushkin wrote between the age of 10 and 18, mostly as a schoolboy at the Lycée newly established by Tsar Alexander I at his summer palace near St Petersburg. Volume II (ISBN 978-1-84749-732-1) presents 216 poems from his late teens and early twenties, composed initially while living as a lively young rake in St Petersburg and later when banished by the tsar to a probationary government posting at the southern edge of the Russian empire.  Volume III (ISBN 978-1-84749-733-8), with 209 poems, covers Pushkin’s output during the years he spent in exile on a remote family estate and then, reprieved by a new tsar, still a bachelor, back in metropolitan life.  The final Volume IV (ISBN 978-1-84749-734-5), published only at the end of 2022, brings together the well-over-200 verses of Pushkin’s final years, a period brightened at first by courtship and marriage, but increasingly overshadowed by difficulties with finance, St Petersburg society and the authorities.
In each volume many of the English translations are mine, and many the work of other translators. I have supplied extensive explanatory and background material.
The volumes can be ordered from any highstreet bookshop, from the publisher’s website, or from the main electronic booksellers.
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