Prisoner of God

A brilliant student with a promising career ahead of him as a biologist under the guidance of Nobel Prize winner Jacques Monod, Michel Benoît decided at the age of twenty-two to follow the path of God and take on monastic orders as Brother Irenaeus.  But after more than twenty years of self-sacrifice and a fraught quest for God Michel was “discharged” by the Church.  What happened?  What led to the Catholic hierarchy rejecting one of its own?

Prisoner of God is a compelling examination of the power of religious dogma and of the methods used by organizations to stifle freedom of thought and crush the indiviual.  It is also an account of the mysterious world of the abbeys: the monks’ everyday life and training, and their handling of solitude, silence and sexuality.

Michel Benoît was born in Madagascar in 1940.  In 1962, having studied biochemistry, he entered the benedictine Order as an unordained monk.  He eventually left the Catholic Church and decided to devote himself to research and writing.  Among his other works is the internationally successful thriller The Thirteenth Apostle.